Travel advice

  • Top 10 experiences in Indonesia

    Indonesia is a country of huge diversity, hopping from one island to the next, the range of experiences is incredible. If you decide to take a trip to this fascinating country, and you definitely should, don’t miss these ten experiences.

  • The Temples of Angkor

    I spend three days in a Tuk-Tuk visiting the famous temples of Angkor in Cambodia, including the mother of all temples: Angkor Wat. Is it worth coming here or is it a tourist trap? Read about my experiences to find out.

  • 1 month in Vietnam

    Vietnam is one of the most diverse and interesting countries in South East Asia. Follow my one month itinerary to see the best of what Vietnam has to offer.

  • Those final moments before you leave on your next great adventure

    You checked and double checked your luggage, the dreaded goodbyes to family and friends have come and gone. You stepped through baggage check and found your departure gate. Finally you sit and wait before you can board your flight and the adventure you’ve been planning for months can finally begin. It’s in these final moments Read More …