• Top 10 experiences in Indonesia

    Indonesia is a country of huge diversity, hopping from one island to the next, the range of experiences is incredible. If you decide to take a trip to this fascinating country, and you definitely should, don’t miss these ten experiences.

  • The mysterious blue flames of java’s ijen crater

    There is a place on Java, Indonesia, where dozens of tourists climb into the crater of an active volcano in the middle of the night. Facing poisonous fumes, pools of liquid sulphur and slippery paths. All to see a phenomenon that can only be seen in a few places on earth, blue fire rising from the earth. This is the mysterious Ijen crater.

  • My favourite Sunrises and Sunsets

    Sunrises and sunsets are great for photography. It’s not for nothing they call these times ‘the golden hours.’ The light, the contrast, the long shadows and the colours can make for some great photographs. These are some of my favourite sunrise and sunset pictures I took during my travels.